Social Media is now the new trend on this generations’ lifestyle. People always check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.. It seems like others lives depend on it or shall we say revolve on it. Through this lots of people have been found, lost things returned, cases solved and relationships built. Despite the positive uses of the media some negatives also emerge.

Let us define first what cyber bullying is.




the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending message of an intimidating or threatening nature.

Cyber bullying has been so rampant on social media and it pains me to see that most people don’t even see it as one because for them it is fun. Some people who are bullied can’t even complain about it because they are scared that they might get hurt or much worse the bullying might intensified. They know that some of us can’t even do a thing about it.

Let us not be deaf to the cries of the victims and let us reach out our hands to them for they need our support and love. Let us be vigilant to this because we might not know that our own sister/brother or even our kids are experiencing this.

A lot of people have already talked about this and I know you know way too much about this as I am but still it wont stop me from talking about this for this has continually wrecked a lot of people’s lives and it has even caused suicides and killings.

Famous people even held campaigns about this to let a lot of people know about cyber bullying like Kylie Jenner’s latest campaign with the hashtag #IAmMoreThan on her Instagram account.

Now I came across this site and they are an advocate of this cause and I suggest you visit their site because they have tackled cyber bullying the best way anyone can. No, I am not sponsored or asked by them to make this post, I just love the way they express how I feel about this issue. Even making this post is hard for me because I don’t know where to start. I hope that all of you will be more aware of this and let us help one another in fighting this crime.


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